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Top 5 Things to Look for in a Dog Boarding Facility

When planning a vacation or a business trip, finding the right dog boarding facility becomes a top priority for pet owners. Leaving your beloved furry companion behind can be a daunting experience, but with the right boarding facility, you can ensure your dog receives the care, attention, and comfort they deserve. We will discuss the top 5 things to look for in a dog boarding facility, helping you make an informed decision and providing a stress-free experience for you and your four-legged friend.

Clean and Safe Environment:

The first and foremost aspect to consider is the cleanliness and safety of the boarding facility. Look for a facility that maintains a hygienic environment, with clean sleeping areas, spacious play zones, and proper waste management systems. Ensure that the facility is secure, with sturdy fencing and secure gates to prevent any accidental escapes.

Trained and Caring Staff:

A reliable dog boarding facility should have a team of trained and compassionate staff members who genuinely care about the well-being of the dogs in their care. Inquire about their experience, and whether they undergo regular training in canine behavior and handling. A knowledgeable staff will be better equipped to handle emergencies or behavioral issues during your dog's stay.

Exercise and Dog Socialization Opportunities:

Dogs need regular exercise and social interaction to stay happy and healthy. Look for a boarding facility that provides ample opportunities for exercise and playtime. Regular exercise and socialization can help prevent boredom, anxiety, and destructive behavior.

Individualized Care and Attention:

Every dog has unique needs and preferences. Ensure that the boarding facility offers personalized care and attention to each dog. This includes accommodating specific dietary requirements, administering medications if needed, and following any special instructions provided by you. Ask about the staff-to-dog ratio to ensure that your dog will receive adequate individual attention and affection during their stay.

Communication and Transparency:

Choose a dog boarding facility that values open communication with pet owners. Check if they have a system in place to provide regular updates, such as daily photos, videos, or written reports on your dog's well-being. Clear and transparent policies regarding pricing, pick-up and drop-off timings, vaccination requirements, and emergency procedures are also important factors to consider.

Perks of Our Dog Boarding Facility:

When it comes to choosing a dog boarding facility, prioritizing your dog's safety, comfort, and well-being is crucial. By considering the top 5 factors mentioned above—cleanliness and safety, trained staff, exercise and socialization opportunities, individualized care, and transparent communication—you can make an informed decision and find a facility that will provide your furry friend with a positive and enjoyable boarding experience. Remember, a reliable boarding facility will give you peace of mind, allowing you to relax and enjoy your time away, knowing that your beloved companion is in good hands. When your pets stay with us, they are cared for the same as our own. We like to think of our home as "Ranch Dog Summer Camp" with experiences such as livestock, walks to the river, and wide open spaces. Beyond Behavior routinely shares the love with your pets with exercise, daily maintenance and of course plenty of snuggles and attention.


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