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Other Services

At Beyond Behavior we are always expanding the services we offer in the pet industry

Canine Coordination

As recently married pet parents, we understand the complexities that come with involving your fur babies in your wedding day.  We are a husband and wife team experienced in getting you and your pup camera ready. 

Our Wedding Day Canine Coordination starts the night before your wedding so we can meet, board and get to know your dog before the action. We will exercise your pup the morning of the event, groom them so they are camera ready, and head to your venue early enough to get them nice and comfortable for their big moment. 

Blue fronted parrot

We are animal lovers of all creatures big and small, scaly and feathery. Do you have other animals in need of board and care? Ask about our rates for horses, cats, birds and reptiles.

Contact us to learn more

We care for all creatures great and small. Interested in having your animals cared for while you're away? 

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